Outreach and Campaigns Manager

Alhassan Mohammed Awal is a former headteacher and an examination officer at Ghana Education Service (GES). He is a mentor, a politician and has passion for writing, volunteerism and also an activist for child right and girl-child education.

Alhassan plays the role of Outreach and Campaigns manager. His vision is to see to it that the Dagbani language and the other 16 Mole-dagbani sub-groups(languages) in order to save them from extinction and minoritizedbecomes more visible on the digital space.


Musah Fuseini (User: Musahfm) is a native of Tamale-Ghana, a teacher by profession; and teaches Dagbani. He is an indeginous language activist and loves writing, especially in Dagbani. He contributed immensely towards migrating Dagbani Wikipedia from the incubator onto the mainstream Wikipedia on 1st July, 2021. He is currently incharge of traaining upcoming editors in the community.

He is passionate about promoting the Dagbani language with a strong commitment to making it very visible on the internet space and thus, saving it from going extinct.